Medieval town of Samobor in the close vicinity of Zagreb is a well-known excursion site for many people from Zagreb boasting with its fine restaurants. Especially famous are custard pastries called 'kremšnite from Samobor'.

A bit of history:
Samobor was given privileges in 1240 followed by the Bela IV's charter in 1242 which pronunced it a 'free royal charter marketplace'. Its excellent position by the river, valleys, protecting hills securing the valley intertwined with roads near the river Sava, had provided this Samobor market place with more evil than good. In the second half of the 13th century, the Hungarian and Czech kings fought for the Dutchy of Austria and Styria. Between 1268-1271 the supporters of the Czech king Otokar II Přemysl constructed the hill fort called Samobor Castle above the town itself. In 1274 the town was taken over by duke Ivan Okićki.

The owners of the castle changed often, but they all respected the privileges given by Bela IV, until by mistake in the year 1488 Barbara Frankopan was introduced as the owner of not only the castle but the place itself. The struggle for justice lasted for three hundred years and was finally ended by the end of 18 century. Until that time the castle deteriorated to such an extent that the owners deserted it. Finally, Samobor bought the ruins in 1902. 



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