Medvednica is a wooded mountain above Zagreb which is a protected nature park. It is intertwined with numerous walking paths. The largest skiing centre in Croatia is located on top of Medvednica.

A bit of history:
Medvednica was first mentioned in 1242 in the Golden Bull of king Bela IV as Medwenicha, by which the town of Zagreb was presented with a mountain estate. The name probably stems from numerous bears which used to live in its woods while the name Sljeme – a timid main pulse with no rigid peaks – appeared in the 13th century documents.

People have established their settlements on Medvednica in the prehistoric era, which is documented by rich paleontological findings from old and new stone age. According to findings from Veternica, the largest cave in the southwest part of Medvednica, this was a habitation of prehistoric people at the same time as the last men from Krapina. Veternica has preserved valuable information on the life of hunters from the old Stone Age. These and numerous other information give a detailed account of the existence of conditions in the wider Zagreb region required for the survival of rich animal life and the oldest known species in this area.



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