Jarun is a part of Zagreb located in the southwest of Trešnjevka south with the namesake lake and the sport recreational facility.

There are fully equipped, 2 kilometres long rowing lanes on the lake, a venue of rowing and sailing regattas, canoe and kayak still water races as well as swimming marathons. People from Zagreb use the two connected lakes for swimming and recreation.

There is the Big and Little Lake as well as six islands (the Island of World University Games, the Island of Trešnjevka, the Island of Croatian Youth, the Island of Wilderness, the Island of Rowers, and the Island of Love). Around the island runs a 6 kilometres long road used by people for jogging, rollerblading, biking...walks along the lake. The road is also used for athletic and bike races. 

There are several bars and restaurants located on the lake banks, offering themselves as a part of Zagreb night life.

A bit of history:
Ever since the river Sava has been flowing though this area, there has always been a lake on the current Jarun location. The Jarun settlement had been marked on the Zagreb topology map from 1728. At that time Jarun was just a Sava's tributary surrounded by a small settlement and corn fields. The 1964 flood fostered the construction of the Sava banks, which physically divided Jarun from the river Sava thus turning it into a swamp. At that time Jarun was a source of huge volumes of gravel used for bank construction thus gradually turning it into a lake.

The idea of building a sports and recreational center in the west part of the city coincided with the selection of Zagreb for the host of the 1987 World University Games, and the Jarun Lake was chosen as a perfect location for building such a centre.



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