Live Work Demonstration

PROGRAMME – June 2nd 2011 TS Žerjavinec – live maintenance practical demonstration

Low voltage
(0,4 kV)
Live work demo description duration
HEP ODS* (CRO) Repair of underground cable with thermal bonding joint 1
NE Krško (SLO) Revision of distribution box 1
HEP ODS* (CRO) Replacement of bare overhead network with insulated cable 1
Medium voltage
(20 kV)
Live work demo description duration
HEP NOC** (CRO) Replacement of tension insulators 1
E.ON (HUN) Maintenance of line switch 1.5
HEP NOC** (CRO) Installing bird protection 0.5
High voltage
(110 kV)
Live work demo description duration
Quanta Services (USA) Replacement of tension insulators with use of robotic arm 2
SC Smart (ROM) Inspection of 110 kV line 2
Energa Operator SA (POL) Replacement of double tension insulator 2

In the case of bad weather on June 2nd filmed live work demo will be presented on the premises of Transformer substation Žerjavinec by means of projectors with team leaders' simultaneous explanation.

- HEP Distribution System Operator d.o.o., HEP Group's daughter company
**HEP NOC – HEP Training and Education Centre, Institution within HEP Group



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